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Replaces Minecraft's villagers with humans, who can be interacted with.
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Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA) is a Minecraft mod that replaces Minecraft's Testificates with humans. It works in single player, LAN, and SMP.

Humans can be interacted with. You can talk to them, ask them to follow you, set their home, give them gifts, etc. Interacting with people builds relationships. Get your relationship high enough and you will be able to marry someone. After getting married, you will be able to have children who will do many chores for you such as: Farming, Fishing, Woodcutting, Hunting, and Mining.

Children will eventually grow up into adults. Adults can get married and have children of their own. This cycle can repeat indefinitely.


MCA depends on RadixCore in order to function.


All discussion should remain on the mod's official forum page located on the Minecraft forums.


Any contributions to are welcome. Simply clone into your workspace, set it up, make your changes, and submit a pull request for review.


MCA utilizes a custom license, summarized below. The license is also available in-full within the repository.


We are not liable for any damages caused by this software. MCA is provided as-is with no warranty, implied or otherwise. Use at your own risk.


Only distribute MCA by linking to an official download or Curse. Do not create your own mirror links. Do not bypass our or links. Exemptions apply to modpacks.


MCA may be placed within a modpack without our consent, provided that the modpack is non-profit and does not generate revenue of any kind, including sales, website advertising, URL shorteners, donations, etc.

Absolutely no modifications can be made to MCA when it is placed in a modpack. Examples include adding/removing textures from the mod's archive or modifying dialogue files.

Source Code

The source code of MCA is made available for educational purposes only. Neither it, its source code, nor its byte code may be modified and recompiled for public use by anyone except us.

We do accept and encourage private modifications with the intent for said modifications to be added to the official public version.

Authors that submit modified code (a pull request) that is later added into the publically available build release all rights to the code under the terms that they are credited via in-code documentation and any other methods of credit/thanks deemed appropriate by the mod author.


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