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Netduino SDK

Welcome to the Wilderness Labs' Netduino SDK repo. Here you will find:

  • Netduino Firmware
  • Netduino SDK Install Projects (Windows)
  • Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio IDE Plugins
  • Netduino Specific .NET Micro Framework (.NETMF) Code

Netduino .NET Micro Framework Code and SDK

In order to run on Netduino, the .NET Micro Framework needs to be modified with hardware specific mappings and code. Each piece of hardware that .NETMF runs on needs not only chip-specific pin mappings, but in the case of Netduino, an entirely different IP stack is used to power the networking portion of the framework, which includes code for both the Ethernet and WiFi models of Netduino.

Hidden Gems

Because this is an overlay of the published .NETMF SDK, we have kept the directory structure largely the same as the officially published sources. As such, it can be difficult to find things in the repo. Here are some hidden gems that may be of interest, however:

  • Microsoft Samples - These are the official samples Microsoft published that run on .NETMF. In many cases, it's probably much better to see the Netduino specific, curated samples on the Wilderness Labs Developer Site, but here they are, in any case.
  • .NETMF Framework Code - While .NETMF apps are actually interpreted by the .NETMF CLR, the entire .NETMF stack is native C++ code. If you're looking to extend core framework functionality, this is the place to find the core library code to see how it works.


The firmware for Netduino includes both the TinyCLR OS that runs on Netduino and the compiled .NETMF framework and runtime code. The actual building process of the firmware is a complex and byzantine set of steps, due to the special requirements of porting .NETMF, but we've done our hardest to turn it into a single step compilation.

The build and debugging process can be found in the following files:

IDE Plugins

Windows (Visual Studio)

Though .NETMF apps are known to be buildable in Visual Studio 2017, official support is only for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015.

If you're interested in helping to create a Visual 2017 add-in, please let us know. :)

Mac (Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, MonoDevelop)

On Mac, the .NETMF plugin is the same for Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, and MonoDevelop, and can be found here.


Netduino is open source hardware, running open source software. We strive to make contributing easy, and the future of the product is, in large part, up to the community.

Right now, the highest priority outstanding work items that would be great community contributions are:

If you're interested in contributing, please join the conversation at!