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SID-Device is a cross-platform Network SID Device that emulates the Commodore 64 sound chip, a.k.a. SID chip (6581/8580). It runs in a local network or on your own machine.

SID-Device can be used by SID-players like ACID 64 Player Pro, ACID 64 console player and JSidplay2.

SID-Device v1.0 uses the emulation engine reSID 1.0 that is included in the Commodore 64 emulator Vice.

This project started with the goal to turn a Raspberry Pi into a SID device. You can connect your Raspberry Pi, with Raspberry Pi Desktop installed, to your local network via cable or Wi-fi and install SID-Device on it. Any SID player that supports the Network SID Interface can then connect to the SID-Device and play SID tunes on it.


To build the source code you need to have the following tools installed: Rust, NodeJS and LLVM. For the full prerequisites, follow the guideline of Tauri.

For the first time you need to install all dependencies with:

npm install

Now you can build the project with:

npm run tauri build

If you want to build the application on Raspberry Pi, make sure to change the "targets" property value "all" to "deb" in file tauri.conf.json.


For documentation about the network SID interface, see the Network SID Device V4 specification, converted from the JSidplay2 project.


Thanks to Dag Lem and all the team members and ex team members of Vice who helped with the SID chip emulation.

Thanks to Ken Händel and Antti S. Lankila for creating the network SID interface that is used in JSidplay2 and JSidDevice.

SID Device – Copyright © 2021 - 2023 by Wilfred Bos

Network SID Interface – Copyright © 2007 - 2023 by Wilfred Bos, Ken Händel and Antti S. Lankila

reSID v1.0 – Copyright © 1998 - 2023 by Dag Lem


The source code is licensed under the GPL v3 license. License is available here.