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An example of a custom notification centre widget on iOS 5
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Custom Notification Center Widgets (WeeApps) by @WillFour20

This is a very bare example of how to add a custom widget to the iOS 5 notification centre.

All it really does is say 'Hello World' for now.

Its pretty easy to understand, you create a class that implements the BBWeeAppController protocol. The only required function you must have is '- (UIView *)view' in which you must return the view that you want to appear. There are also other methods in the protocol for launching URLs when tapped and for rotation detection, view height, etc.

The i is set by settings the 'AppBundleID' key in the Info.plist file to an app id. The icon will then be the icon for that app (e.g. Setting 'AppBundleID' to '' will make your widget have the Safari icon). The name is set in the 'InfoPlist.strings' file (Thanks @timwachter)

Custom bundles are placed in /System/Library/WeeAppPlugins/

This is a pretty shitty example but i'm sure some great stuff can come out of this.
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