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Gamecube and Wii Emulator on iOS
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GC4iOS - GameCube emulator for iOS


Supports iOS 8.1 and up. 64 bit devices only.

Currently GC4iOS uses Dolphin's' PowerPC Interpreter and an OpenGL backend. Most games can be loaded and run between 3 and 20 fps.

Only devices with 2GB of ram have been tested (iPhone 6s, ect). Devices with 1GB may work but have not been tested.

Please note this is an early alpha version. Without JIT, the emulator will not be fast enough to play any games at a playable speed.

Installing GC4iOS

Download the source and open the project file in the root directory. Set your device as the build target and press build and run.


Planned improvments
  • Customizeable controller
  • Net Play
  • Cheats
  • JIT
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