Building INDS for Jailed iDevices

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Building iNDS

Getting the Source

You should always checkout the latest source code from git so that you benefit from the latest bug fixes and features. You can download from the releases page if you don't want to or can't use Git for whatever reason, but just know that those releases will likely be out of date. Open Terminal and type:

git clone

Updating Previous Checkouts

If you've already cloned the repo and just want to update, run the following command from within the INDS source folder:

git pull origin master

If you've made changes, git will tell you that you your changes would be overwritten by the merge. The easiest way around this is to reset the repo and pull, and then make your changes again, (since the only change you should be making is to the Bundle ID, this shouldn't be an issue).

git reset --hard HEAD
git pull origin master

If all else fails, delete the INDS folder and start over. Git is hard if you don't know what you're doing, but cloning from scratch is by far the easiest and fastest option when things go wrong.

Alternatively, you could use a GUI Git client, like Github Desktop - but it wouldn't be the easiest method.

Building for iOS

  • Open the iNDS.xcodeproj
  • Open Xcode preferences, and from the Accounts tab, sign in with your developer account.
  • From the project settings, select your Development Team and update the bundle ID to something unique

  • Select 'INDS' from the Scheme menu
  • Select your connected iOS device from the device menu (Product > Destination)
  • Use the AppIcon instead of AppIconDebug, and delete the .debug suffix from the Bundle ID.
  • Go to Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme and check to see if Run is set to release configuration. If not, change it.
  • Hit the Run button. It looks like a play button.
  • You might see a message saying there are no signing identities found. Just press "Fix it" and rebuild.
  • INDS will compile and run on your iOS device.
  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management > Your Apple ID and press "Trust."
  • Confirm you want to trust this.
  • Close iNDS and unplug your device, you're done. Enjoy!

Third Party

iEmulators This method requires that the uploaded version does not have a revoked certificate.

  • Visit (
  • Go to the "Apps Section" and scroll until you see "iNDS", tap it
  • Tap "Download Page"
  • Tap "iNDS" again.
  • Hit install followed by "Install iNDS"
  • Wait for the app to download fully, do not open it.
  • Go to your Settings app, general, device management (formally profiles) find the profile for iNDS, and accept the profile.
  • Open the iNDS app on your Homescreen and enjoy.

NOTE: This method is not guaranteed by the developer of this app please do not open issues for it. If the certificate does get revoked and you do not have Dropbox Sync enabled but wish to keep your save files you will have to leave the app UNDELETED until it gets a new certificate. Check weekly or follow iEmulators' twitter.

Build store

  • go to (
  • create account (this does require a payment to be made)
  • follow build store instructions and download INDS


If you already have INDS installed and you want to get the new features or bug fixes, follow the steps above for updating your source, and then build to your device as normal. The only issue is that you need to use the same Bundle ID when updating as you set when you first installed. If you don't you'll end up installing two versions of INDS side-by-side.

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