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Wiredcraft Back-end Developer Coding Test

Make sure you read all of this document carefully, and follow the guidelines in it.


Build a restful api that could get/create/update/delete user data from a persistence database

User Model

  "id": "xxx",                  // user id(you can use uuid or the id provided by database, but need to be unique)
  "name": "test",               // user name
  "dob": "",                    // date of birth
  "address": "",                // user address
  "description": "",            // user description
  "created_at": ""              // user created date


GET    /user/{id}                   - Get user by ID
POST   /user/                       - To create a new user
PUT    /user/{id}                   - To update an existing user with data
DELETE /user/{id}                   - To delete a user from database

Getting started

There's nothing here, we leave it to you to choose the build tool, code structure, framework, testing approach...


  • With clear documentation on how to run the code and api usage

  • Proper use of RESTFUL api design pattern

  • Provide proper unit test

  • Choose either sql or no-sql database to make the data persistence

  • Use git to manage code

What We Care About

Feel free to use any libraries you would use if this were a real production app, but remember we're interested in your code & the way you solve the problem, not how well you can use a particular library.

We're interested in your method and how you approach the problem just as much as we're interested in the end result.

Here's what you should aim for:

  • Good use of current restful api design & performance best practices.

  • Solid testing approach

  • Extensible code;


  • Where should I send back the result when I'm done?

Fork this repo and send us a pull request when you think you are done. We don't have deadline for the task.

  • What if I have question?

Create a new issue in the repo and we will get back to you very quickly.