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Wiredcraft Front-end Developer Coding Test

Make sure you read all of this document carefully, and follow the guidelines in it.


Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to implement the following mockup.


Mockup source Sketch file

Page Structure


  - Table Filter
    - Search Filter(dropdown component)
    - Search Keywords(input field)
  - Table
    - Table Header
    - Table Body
      - Table Row
        - Collapsable Row(State -> Distract -> Township)
          - State Level(Show by default)
            - District Level(Hide by default, show by clicking the button in state level)
              - Township Level(Hide by default, show by clicking the button in district level)


  • Static page header(navigation bar), no extra features needed.
  • The table filter needs to be able to filter the result in the table by the type and keywords.
  • The table is nested, and grouped by state, district, township.

Getting Started

There's nothing here, we leave it to you to choose the build tool, code structure, framework, testing approach...


  • Clear documentation, including but not limited to how to test your code.

  • Proper unit tests.

What We Care About

Feel free to use any libraries you would use if this were a real production app, but remember we're interested in your code & the way you solve the problem, not how well you can use a particular library.

We're interested in your method and how you approach the problem just as much as we're interested in the end result.

Here's what you should aim for:

  • Good use of current HTML, CSS and JavaScript & performance best practices.

  • Solid testing approach.

  • Extensible code.


  • Where should I send back the result when I'm done?

Fork this repo and send us a pull request when you think you are done. We don't have deadline for the task.

  • What if I have question?

Create a new issue in the repo and we will get back to you very quickly.