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  1. BasicCR BasicCR Public

    The simple Cognitive Radio experiment working on different testbeds

    C++ 5 4

  2. ExperimentationTools ExperimentationTools Public

    This repository contains example configuration files for several experimentation tools that can be used on WiSHFUL testbeds.

    Python 2 5

  3. ChannelGain ChannelGain Public

    Python 1 1

  4. portable-testbed portable-testbed Public

    Python 1 1

  5. BasicTxRx BasicTxRx Public

    This repository describes several experiments that show the operation of a simple transmitter (Tx) and simple receiver (Rx) can be implemented using the APIs available on the individual testbeds.

    Python 2

  6. BasicSensing BasicSensing Public

    The simple spectrum sensing experiments working on different testbeds

    nesC 2


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