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Tissue - automated pep8 checker for nose
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tissue - PEP8 automated checker for nose

tissue integrates running pep8 on source files as they are imported by nose.


pip install tissue


Once installed pep8 tissue will run pep8 checks on your source tree. The following options are availible:

--with-tissue Enable plugin Tissue: Automated PEP8 checked for nose [NOSE_WITH_TISSUE]
  Restrict pep8 output to selected packages [NOSE_TISSUE_PACKAGE]
  Include all python files under working directory in pep8 run. [NOSE_TISSUE_INCLUSIVE]
  Show all occurrences of the same error [NOSE_TISSUE_REPEAT]
  Select errors and warnings (e.g. E,W6) [NOSE_TISSUE_SELECT]
  Skip errors and warnings (e.g. E,W6) [NOSE_TISSUE_IGNORE]
  Show source code for each error [NOSE_TISSUE_SHOW_SOURCE]
  Show text of PEP 8 for each error [NOSE_TISSUE_SHOW_TISSUE]
  Count errors and warnings [NOSE_TISSUE_STATISTICS]
  Fail the tests when Tissue sees errors [NOSE_TISSUE_ERROR]
--tissue-color Show errors and warnings using colors [NOSE_TISSUE_COLOR]

Options map to the pep8 options of the same name (sans prefix)


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