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FEMAddOns for the Wolfram Language

The Wolfram Language has build in support for the Finite Element Method. FEMAddOns is a package that provides additional Finite Element Method functionality. FEMAddOns supports 11.3 and later versions of Wolfram Language deployments for the desktop, including Wolfram Desktop and Mathematica.

Installing the FEMAddOns release

The FEMAddOns release comes in the form of a .paclet file, which contains the entire package and its documentation. Download the latest release from the Github repo's releases page. To install, run the following command in the Wolfram Language:


This will permanently install the FEMAddOns paclet. The Wolfram Language will always use the latest installed version of FEMAddOns. Installed versions can be enumerated using the command:


And all versions can be uninstalled using the command:


To make use of the documentation it may be necessary to restart.

Using FEMAddOns

To access the documentation, open the notebook interface help viewer, and search for FEMAddOns. The first hit will be a summary page enumerating the most commonly used functions in FEMAddOns.


See the following files for more information: