autoftp monitors a folder and uploads changed files to an ftp-server
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       make it possible to set the remote path, so a file can be uploaded anywhere on the remote file tree

Terminal program that monitors the current directory and automatically uploads changed or new files to an ftp-server specified. 
	Hidden files are ignored, and the folder is not synchronized with the server on startup.
	New directory structures are created as needed, so pasting a folder containing files to 
	the monitored folder or sub-folders, will upload the structure and content to the server.
	The server connection is checked on startup, but the program does not maintain the connection by default.
	If the program is started by autoftp [server] [username] [password], the local folder will be the current working directory.
	If the user does not include any startup parameters (like if the program is started through sbt with sbt run), 
	the wizard will be started, and the user will have to enter the lcoal folder to monitor.

open terminal -> cd to this directory -> sbt run

This will download dependencies, compile the source and run the project

Creates by Frederik Wordenskjold