IBM i development environment (IDE)
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Welcome Screen

ILEditor is an editor for development of ILE applications on IBM i. ILEditor will support development with any ILE language, be it CL, RPG, COBOL, C or C++. Error listing and syntax highlighting is available for all ILE languages.


  • Source member editing (+ browsing & diff view)
  • Inline compiling & error listing
  • Multiple system configurations
  • Basic RPG fixed-to-free & CL Formatting
  • ILE syntax highlighting
  • Store members locally & search locally
  • Integrated spool file listing
  • Light and dark modes (dark mode in the image above)
  • Outline view for RPG and CL
  • Offline mode for when you're on the go
  • Support for FTPES (requires setup on IBM i)


  • You can install from the ClickOnce installer which will also prompt you when an update is available. Download here.
  • Build from source. Clone from GitHub, open the project into Visual Studio and build from there.


We are open to issues (which can be feature requests) and pull requests.

Libraries used


This does manipulate source members. Currently, saving a source member will set every record's SRCDAT value to 0. Please raise an issue if this is a major stopping point for you using ILEditor.