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JoelJacobStephen commented Aug 24, 2020

Describe the bug
When I pull the resize button of the code editor, it doesn't the resize the code in the editor.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Click the resize button on the code editor and drag it down
  2. The code doesn't resize

Expected behavior
I expected the code to resize as I drag down the button.

If applicable, add screenshots to

deadcoder0904 commented Nov 14, 2020

🚀 Feature Request

📝 Description

I always want a Horizontal layout but it always switches back to FlexiGrid

Describe the solution you'd like

Save whatever layout I select before exiting the app & show me the same layout when I open the app.

At least, that's what Desktop Apps are supposed to do :)

davuthdv commented Jun 27, 2020

Please add video length on the video thumbnail just like the official Developer app from Apple.

Right now, I can see the length if I click to go to detail screen, but I would have to do it one by one. It would be great to see the length of each video in a glance so that if i have like 15 minutes, I know which one I can watch.

ksvladimir commented Nov 11, 2020

I'm using disable_init to prevent terragrunt from accessing remote state bucket on its own (reason explained below). However, this also disables initializing the backend by terraform: it passes -backend=false to terraform init. As a result, the backend is not initialized and all terragrunt commands result in errors:

$ terragrunt plan
[terragrunt] [/tf] 2020/11/11 21:14:49 Running c

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