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C To Delphi converter
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This tool will convert most of your standard C code. .

Download executable here.

It contains a split view, with C on the left and Delphi on the right. The Delphi code gets updated in realtime when you edit the C code. The editors are kept in sync, so you can easily find how a specific piece of code was converted.

  • The Syntax checks of the generated code is verified. (uses DelphiAST)

  • You can even run the generated code by pressing F9 (uses DWS)

  • You can drag/drop multiple C files to the application. It'll find the .h files that belong to it, and convert all to .pas files in the same folder.


  • If function main exists, a program will be generated. Otherwise a pascal unit with interface/implementation sections.
  • Converts routines and arguments
  • Converts for loops
  • Converts case statements
  • Converts structs
  • Converts enums
  • Converts 1 and 2 dimensional arrays
  • Converts many other common routines to Delphi equivalents (strcpy,strcat,strlen,printf,argv,argc,etc)
  • Converts classes


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