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A C# library with a WPF node editor component based on ReactiveUI
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NodeNetwork is a C# (.NET 4.7) WPF library that provides a node editor component.

Here is a demo of a calculator example application:

A more realistic use case of this library could be a shader editor.
Here is a demo of a shader editor example made using NodeNetwork:

These example applications are available for download here and their source is included in the repository. Binary releases of the library are available on NuGet.


  • An open, permissive license.
  • Interactive, robust controls build using modern reactive MVVM code.
  • Proper panning, zooming controls
  • Automatic layout system
  • Highly customizable, but easy to use by default.
  • Extensive network and connection validation support.
  • Backed by unit tests
  • ...

Getting started

For an easy quickstart guide to using this library, see the cookbook chapters on this page. The documentation includes setup information, cookbook chapters, examples and an API reference.


This library is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. (See for a brief summery)
A copy of this license is included in the repository under LICENSE.


Documentation is available here.


Bug reports, patches, feature requests, pull requests, ... are very welcome on the GitHub page!

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