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We are a community-driven initiative that develops a complete open-source solution for identity and access management. Our suite provides tools for secure authentication, authorization, and single sign-on, as well as identity storage, lifecycle automation, auditing, and more.

Our projects are based on the latest code from ForgeRock™, just before they stopped releasing their software under an open-source license.

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  1. wrenidm Public

    Community‐developed identity management system with a flexible data model, multiple extension points and scripting support, including JavaScript and Groovy.

    Java 28 18

  2. wrenam Public

    Community fork of OpenAM, an authentication and authorization system originally developed by ForgeRock.

    Java 35 24

  3. wrends Public

    Community fork of OpenDJ, an LDAP server originally developed by ForgeRock.

    Java 31 17


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