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wakatime wakatime

πŸ”₯ Heckerbot

An advanced Discord Bot for your Server
Official Bot at (SOON)

πŸ“¦ Built With

Note: I do not recommend to use this for personal Purposes as still some Features dont work in this case. For my Production case everything is coded for this. But it isnt coded for Personal use. Such as Premium, Custombot, env Variables, etc.

πŸͺΊ Preqrequisites

Before you begin, ensure you have met the following requirements: is installed on your system.

πŸš€ Installation

The Installation steps are listed in the File.

πŸ“° License

This Project is under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See the LICENSE file for more info. Dont remove any Credits from the Footer.

πŸ“œ Contributing

Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to be learn, inspire, and create. Any To start look at the File.

πŸͺΆ Features

Server Backup System, Tools Commands, Utility Commands, Info Commands, Games Commands, Modules, Other Features
All Features are listed in the File.

πŸ“š Documentation

The Documentation is available at Docs

⭐ Starhistory

Star History Chart

πŸ“ Credits

Thanks to TFAGaming for providing the Bot Template. We modified it that it fits our case. Thanks to Emojify for providing the Emojis Data.

πŸ“‘ Planned ToDo

  • Add User installable Apps. Im now focusing more on fixing Bugs and migrating to typescript.
  • Migration to Typescript can be checked out in the typescript branch.
  • zod implementation for better validation.

πŸ“« Contact

If you want to contact me you can reach me at Discord: wuemeli