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xccov - Xcode Code Coverage for Humans

With Xcode 9.3, we have new command line tool xccov to view Xcode Code Coverage Reports in human readable format.

This is quick demo of the xccov command line utility with black app.


  • Xcode 9.3

Generate Code Coverage Data

Clone this repository and build an app from command line.

        $ git clone 
        $ cd XCCov-Demo
        $ xcodebuild -project XCCov-Demo.xcodeproj/ -scheme XCCov-Demo -derivedDataPath Build/ -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,OS=11.3,name=iPhone 7' -enableCodeCoverage YES clean build test CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="" CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED=NO

This will dump all the DerivedData inside the Build directory.

This will generate the code coverage data at path Build/Logs/Test we will see code coverage with .xccovreport and .xccovarchive extension. The cov- erage report contains line coverage percentages for each target, source file, and function/method that has coverage infor- mation. The coverage archive contains the raw execution counts for each file in the report.

Using xccov

We can use xccov command line tool with xcrun untility if thats not inside the $PATH

  • View Report in the plain format

          $ xcrun xccov view Build/Logs/Test/*.xccovreport
  • View Report in the JSON format

         $ xcrun xccov view --json Build/Logs/Test/*.xccovreport
  • List the files available for the code coverage data

          $ xcrun xccov view --file-list Build/Logs/Test/*.xccovarchive/
  • Show the coverage for perticular file

          $ xcrun xccov view --file ~/Desktop/XCCov-Demo/XCCov-Demo/AppDelegate.swift  Build/Logs/Test/*.xccovarchive/