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catz web application engine

Catz is the web application engine that runs, the world's most advanced cat show photo service. Developing Catz is a non-paid hobby. It is targeted only to one specific use and is not a general-purpose software.

The project is provided as open source because

  • it is an example of a Perl web application using Mojolicious MVC framework
  • maybe somebody learns something by looking at the code
  • sharing the source code encourages me to write better code
  • fans can see how works

If you get the code you don't get a working system since following parts are not distributed.

file or path purpose
/db the SQLite database that is required by the system to run
/lib/ the system configuration module
/lib//text.txt the visible text strings for pages
/tmpl/content content-heavy templates to provide textual pages
/data/newsmeta.txt the tagged text source data file for news
../static the photos and static assets served by the service

Here are some of the key points where to start browsing the source code.

file or path purpose
/lib/Catz/ the Mojolicious application
/lib/Catz/Ctrl the controllers where is the base controller
/lib/Catz/Data data related procedural modules providing caching functionality, page styles, search syntax handling etc.
/lib/Catz/Load procedural modules used only at data load time, not at runtime
/lib/Catz/Model the models based where is the base model
/lib/Catz/Util procedural utility modules used all over the service
/script/create_master.sql the database creation script
/script/ the data loading script
/script/ the script that fires up the application
/t the functional tests run against the application
/tmpl Mojolicious ep templates
/data the tagged text source data files (note that they are updated only with software releases which is much lower pace than they actually change)

Read more about Catz at


The world's most advanced cat show photo engine






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