Headless CMS

@juanpri juanpri released this Oct 14, 2017 · 514 commits to develop since this release

  • Action forms updated
  • Bug fixing
  • Decoupled visual table editor
  • New Blog module
  • Multichannel ebook generator
  • Semantic tags

Automatic Semantic tagging recommendations:

Semantic Web Content Management with XIMDEX 3.8

@juanpri juanpri released this Jun 25, 2014 · 901 commits to develop since this release

In this release you will find a new version of Ximdex Semantic CMS for XML with:

  • New visual semantic tags management tools (Xtags component):
    • an ontology browser for common ontologies (schema.org) or your own ontologies for structured tags,
    • automatic tag suggesters (using DBpedia, freebase) or other tags in the repository
    • custom (non structured) tags
  • Extended Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP) with adapters for publishing RDF, OWL, etc.
  • Dynamic semantic publishing reporting tool,
  • New UI for actions improving usability,
  • New module XLYRE for Linked Open Data management,
  • New API REST with semantic capabilities to provide a Linked Open Data endpoint,
  • New configurable URLs for a better SEO,
  • Faster loading times,
  • Refactored classes,
  • New web installer, ...

Xlyre module for Open Data management:

Download Ximdex Installer (XIMDEX_INSTALL.sh file below) to a clean linux directory and run it. The script will download Ximdex for you, set permissions and move it into its final directory. End the installation by pointing your web browser to the just installed Ximdex.

Stable Ximdex CMS v3.4

@juanpri juanpri released this Mar 28, 2014 · 2692 commits to develop since this release


Ximdex CMS v3.4