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This repository contains downloadable files that are related to the Arduino IDE (hardware manager etc.).

It is intended to make life easier for people who simply want to add this extension to the IDE for the purpose of XMega processor development, without jumping through hoops or dealing with files and directories and archives.

The packages contained here are snapshots of the 'HEAD' branch for the 'arduion' and 'libraries' sub-projects for XMegaForArduino. Whenever a major release is done, a new snapshot will be created, and updates will be made to the JSON file (for the package manager).

The URL for the package manager JSON file is:

     URL for package_XMegaForArduino_index.json

There are two sets of archives for each version. One set is used by the JSON file (for the Arduino hardware manager) and has a name similar to:


The others have a name similar to 'XMegaForArduino-#.#.#.snapshot.txz', which is an image of what should be extracted into ~/sketchbook/hardware , in order to install the board package manually.

SOME of the hardware supported by the XMegaForArduino project may not be supported by the compilers and tools. For example, the atxmega64d4 already has support in avr-gcc, avr-binutils, and avr-libc. However, the atxmega32e5 is missing support in avr-binutils and avr-libc. As a result, if you attempt to build using the 'official' toolset, you will get errors for those CPU types that are not fully supported.

At some point in the future I will include tool versions that support these currently 'unsupported' processors. Until then, instructions for patching the existing tools can be found in the 'patches' repository. Yes, you'll need to re-compile and install them yourself.

Additionally, the added boards will reference a modified version of the 'avrdude.conf' file, to support the protocols used for the various bootloaders. Most of them duplicate the 'arduino' and 'wiring' protocols used by the Arduino Uno and the MEGA2560. However, the actual CPU settings associated with these protocols are typically NOT defined (or are incorrectly defined in some cases) in the default 'avrdude.conf'. Rather than forcing you to patch it, the updated file is included in the prepared packages.

For additional information, see the 'Wiki' for this repository.


Portions of this software have been modified from Arduino source that is covered by either [L]GPLv2 or [L]GPLv3. The licensing details are generally contained within the files themselves. However, if there are no licensing specifications, it should be treated as being the same as for the Arduino 1.06 environment (and later, as appropriate). It is also available free of charge.

For more information, including trademarks and copyrights and licenses, see

as well as the copyright and licenses for the relevant source files.

Information on extending the Arduion IDE can be found HERE.


downloadable files related to the Arduino IDE (hardware manager etc.)






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