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XORN The purpose of our project is to make trading and keeping masternodes and POS-Wallets as convenient as possible Estimated plan of the project:

  • creating of a comfortable trading platform for DEX with subsequent linking up of CoinExchange, Graviex, Cryptopia and newly merging exchanges popular in the Masternode community
  • attaching of trading robots for DEX to XORN platform
  • staking pool
  • option of instant placing of orders through stake-hosting (only for users of XORN trading platform)
  • automated escrow service
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS for XORN platform operations

Advantages of our trading platform:

  • friendly user interface
  • option to switch your exchange accounts with one click
  • option to trade through anonymous account
  • option to place the orders instantly (the order confirmation can be either enabled or disabled)
  • option to place stop-loss and take-profit orders without freezing of assets for an order
  • full trading history for an account
  • means of analysis of trading history, assessment of the trade’s profitability

Staking pool:

  • bigger weight of a multi-user joint stake-pool wallet – more awards against solo staking
  • automatic input splitting and adjustment of the most profitable input size
  • option to place orders through stake account (option will be available only for popular coins with high trading volumes)
  • monitoring of estimated staking profits

White paper and Roadmap will be available on our website shortly.


1.0.0 - the first release 1.1.0 - added dev-fee 5% since block 130,000