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Organon - Description


###Organon is a tool for novelists and scientific authors.

Organon is a plugin for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Organon allows to split up large texts into parts, allows tagging and opening parts of the project in new tabs.

  • Parts are shown in a treeview. Entries can be moved by drag and drop.
  • Every entry can be tagged.
  • Tags are freely configurable, can be renamed, created and deleted. Organon's Organizer is a fast way of showing and editing all tags at once.
  • Tabs can be opened based on these tags. They also might freely be chosen from the folders and files of the project and they might be sorted by date and/or time.

Organon offers extensive import and export options.

Organon's projects are platform independent and might be edited on different computers and platforms.

####More Features are:

  • (Batch) split and combine files
  • Use Writer templates
  • Create your own Organon templates.
  • When displaying the files in a folder, the relevant section of the folder is always highlighted while editing the document.
  • Separator, configurable by the user. When viewing a folder the separator separates the files optically from each other.
  • Import of individual files. All filters available for Writer can be used.
  • Import a folder of files (Batch Import), filterable by extension
  • Export an arbitrary part of the project in a single file or an entire document. All Writer filters are available (.odt, .doc, .pdf ...). (Batch Export)
  • (Batch) Export to LaTex files
  • (Batch) Export to HTML files. In addition, alternative Organon Filter for easier layout of the HTML file.
  • Create a single click backup of the project
  • Several tags in the tree view:
    • Colors
    • Custom Icons
    • Scientific counting
  • Text Tools:
    • Find quotes: text comparison of two texts and finding all common points. The result is stored as a browser document. All results are linked and can be accessed directly via a navigation.
    • Create Word List: A list of all words used are saved as Calc file. Chronological or alphabetical order.
    • Generate index: specialized tool for index creation in texts with counting (eg ancient texts or text-critical editions). The result is a navigable browser document.
  • Writer tools like search, view Full Screen, spelling and grammar, and plugins can still be used.

WARNING: This is still a beta version.


Unzip the downloaded package or download organon.oxt directly from here: Click 'Add' in Tools/Extension Manager and choose the saved 'organon.oxt'. Accept the licence and restart LO/OO.


For a detailed description start the manual after installation.