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Customize your context menu. 告别注册表,自定义右键菜单。
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Customize your context menu.



  • Custom one folder's context menu by .shellcommand.yaml
  • Custom global context menu by global.shellcommand.yaml
  • Support Environment variable
  • Support Wildcard syntax !?* Match
  • Support Menu Item Icon


Open ShellCommand.exe, Click Install, Bingo!


Support all windows variables like %LocalAppData%,

Plus, %DIR% stands for current folder.


  • If not null, checks if current folder have the name (file or directory)
  • Starts by ! for NOT have the name
  • use ? and * for wildcard


  • Exe associated icon
  • Dll resource, use ?index for index number e.g. %SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll?3


  • --- for separator
  • If ignored, command text will be used.

Known Issues

  • After Uninstall, explorer.exe keep loading program. You should restart explorer to release or the file cannot be deleted.


MIT License.

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