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Xcode plugin for Vim keybindings
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XVim Build Status

XVim is a Vim plugin for Xcode. The plugin intends to offer a compelling Vim experience without the need to give up any Xcode features.


  • XVim repository has moved to XVimProject organization. There are not so many thing you have to do with this but if you cloned the repo and working local it is recommendded to change the remote URL as sited here (This is not must. Github nicely forward old URL to new one.)
  • XVim started to use BountySource Bountysource Bountysource
  • Google Group for XVim developers has been created.

Support Xcode Versions

  • Xcode6
  • Xcode7


Download source code or clone the repo. Then,

  $ make

Create .xvimrc as you need and restart your Xcode.

Branches and Releases

XVim has several branches and releases. Usually you only need to download one of 'releases' and use it. Here is an explanation about each release and branch.

  • Releases(tags) : Releases are tags on master branch. All the code and documents on these tags are well arranged. Usual XVim user should use one of releases.
  • master : Most stable branch. Critical bug fixes and stable feature developed in 'develop' branch are merged into 'master'. If you find a critical bug in a release, try latest 'master' branch.
  • develop : New features and non critical bug fixes are merged into this branch. If you want experimental features use this branch.

    Any other branches are temporary branches to develop features or bug fixes which will be merged into 'develop' branch after all. Any pull requests should be made to 'develop' branch.


  $ make uninstall

Manual uninstall

Delete the following directory: $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/XVim.xcplugin

Feature list

See separate

Bug reports

Unfortunately XVim sometimes crashes Xcode. We are working on eliminating all the bugs, but it's really hard work. It helps greatly when we have your bug reports, with the following information:

  • Crash information ( Xcode shows threads stack trace when crashes. Copy them. )
  • The operations you did to cause the crash ( series of key strokes or mouse clicks )
  • The text you were manipulating
  • Xcode version
  • XVim version ( Version number of the revision you built )

    When it is hard to solve a problem with information above, take debug log according to the following movie please.

    How to get XVim debug log

    We appreciate if you write test case for the bug. Read "Write test" section in Documents/Developsers/ how to write test case. You do not need to update any source code but just write 7 items explained there in an issue you create.


XVim supports Bountysource. If you want to solve your issue sooner make bounty on your issue is one option. A contributer should work on it preferentially (not guaranteed though). To make bounty visit following link and go to "Issue" tab. Select your issue and make bounty on it.

Bug issue handling

Reported bugs are handled following order.

  1. Confirm if the bug reproduce and the issue labeled as 'Bug'
  2. Fix the bug in 'develop' branch
  3. Confirm the fix by the reporter
  4. The issue is labeled 'Done'
  5. Confirm that the fix does not make another side effect.
  6. Merged into 'master'
  7. The issue is closed.

    This order is only applied to 'Bug' issues.


Any suggestions, bug reports or feature requests are welcome.

If you want to add a feature or fix bugs by yourself the following videos are good help for you.

Watch the videos mentioned earlier for a full tutorial on developing, debugging and testing XVim. Here is a very simple guide to get you started.


  1. Make sure you have installed at /Applications/, if that's true just open XVim.xcodeproj and Run (CMD + R). You can ignore the rest steps.
  2. If you have Xcode installed at a different path, follow these steps.
  3. Open XVim.xcodeproj
  4. Got to Edit Scheme... => Run => Executable => Other => Choose The you installed to.
  5. Run (CMD + R)

Run Unit Tests

  1. In your .xvimrc, add a line "set debug", which tells XVim to run in debug mode.
  2. Open XVim.xcodeproj, a debug instance of Xcode shows up.
  3. In the debug Xcode instance, create a random small disposable project (say HelloWorld.xcodeproj) if you have don't this already.
  4. Open HelloWorld.xcodeproj using debug Xcode instance.
  5. Go to XVim menu, there should be an item "test categories"
  6. Choose a category to run
  7. A separate window shows up and unit tests are run inside that window.
  8. Results will be shown when all the tests in that category are completed.


If you think the plugin is useful, please donate. There are two options you can take. Donate for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief or back the project via BountySource. There is no rule that you cannot take both :) .

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Since I do not intend make money from this project, I am directing donations to the people suffering from the damage of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Please donate directly through the Paypal donation site below, as this will put more money to good use by reducing the transfer fee.

Since no messages are sent when you donate from the paypal link, you could also write a donation message on Message Board. I(we) would really appreciate it, and it will really motivate me(us)!


If you like to help and enhance the project directly consider backing this project via BountySource. You can back the team (which means you support the entire project) or you can make bounty on a specific issue. (If you have any bugs to be fixed or features to be implemented not in issues yet you can make one.)


See contributors page in github repository.


MIT License

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