A gif generator using API and AJAX requests
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Arrested Development Gif Generator

A gif generator using API and AJAX requests


Arrested Development Gif Generator

Arrested Development Gif Generator

A gif generator designed to display 10 random gifs associated with one of 10 characters from the FOX/NETFLIX show Arrested Development. All characters, music, and the name Arrested Development are copyright FOX/NETFLIX.

50 gifs are pulled from the Giphy API using an AJAX GET request when the user clicks on the button associated with the character, and then 10 random gifs are displayed. For each character's button that's clicked, the gifs disappear and the new character's gifs appear in their place.

Additional characters can be added by pushing the ADD ANOTHER CHARACTER button, and they retain the same functionality as the original character buttons.

The gif area can be cleared at any point by using the CLEAR ALL GIFS button, and the user can return to the original list of 10 characters by pushing the START OVER button to reload the page.

The theme music plays once after the user clicks the first character button.

Concepts Used

This gif generator uses 2 fundamental concepts with the Giphy API:

  • API Request
  • AJAX Get Request

Built With

  • Sublime Text - Text Editor
  • Git Bash
  • Giphy API - Giphy API