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Please make sure to read the FAQ!

It covers many repeatedly asked questions and can save you some time, especially when there are few people helping voluntarily. Additionally, you should make sure that the build you chose supports the OBS Studio version you are trying to install it on.

Official Releases

Conflicting Software

  • Windows Defender: Due to the binaries not being signed, Windows Defender warns about running them. You can bypass this warning by clicking "More Info" and then "Run anyway".
  • Norton/Avira/Avast AntiVirus: May not like the use of InnoSetup and prevents writing files, resulting in corrupted installations. Please ensure that you temporarily disable your AntiVirus or whitelist the installer file.
  • Multiple different installations of StreamFX may conflict with each other. You should avoid using a System-wide install if a user has a User-only install, and avoid both System-wide and User-only install in case of a Portable installation.

Windows Windows

  1. Download the .exe Installer of either the latest Production or Testing for Windows.
  2. Run the Installer once it is downloaded. Depending on your System settings, you may be greeted by multiple warning meant to get your attention:
    • Microsoft SmartScreen may warn you that the file is unsigned and as such can't be verified. This warning can be bypassed by clicking More info and then Run anyway.
    • Windows Defender may warn you about a Security Warning, with a similar reason as above. This can be bypassed by clicking Run.
  3. The Installer will now ask you if you wish to install for just you (User-only) or all users (System-wide).
    • User-only: Allows installation as User-only and Portable, and will not require Administrator rights for installing, uninstalling or updating StreamFX.
    • System-wide: Allows installation as System-wide and Portable to restricted locations, but will require Administrator rights for installing, uninstalling or updating StreamFX.
  4. Read and then agree to the License Terms.
  5. Select which Installation Mode you wish to use. See 3 for an explanation.
    • System-wide: StreamFX will be available to any user on this System, as long as they are using a compatible OBS Studio version. Updating and uninstalling will require Administrator rights.
    • User-only: StreamFX will only be available to you and other users will need to install StreamFX as well. Updating and uninstalling will not require Administrator rights.
    • Portable: StreamFX will be extracted for Portable usage of OBS Studio. Updating and uninstalling may require Administrator rights depending on your choice in step 3.
  6. This page differs depending on the choice in step 5:
    • Portable: Select the directory to which StreamFX will be extracted.
    • System-wide and User-only: Select if and where the Start Menu entries will be placed.
  7. Click Install to complete the installation.
  8. Click Finish to be done.

Linux Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, ...)

  1. Download the latest Production or Testing release of your choice for Linux.
  2. Extract the archive to ~/.config/obs-studio/.
  3. Done, you can now launch OBS Studio and StreamFX should load.


Due to a bug in the MacOS Package Installer, extra caution needs to be paid to these steps. Failure to adhere to them will cause the plugin to not install correctly.

  1. Download the .pkg Installer of the latest Production or Testing release of your choice for MacOS.
  2. Option Click (or Right Click) on the .pkg file.
  3. Select Open, which will bypass an annoying safety warning.
    • A window will pop up asking if you trust this file. To continue you have to select Open.
  4. A Package Installer window will now appear, which you can follow until the Installation Type step.
  5. On the Installation Type step, click the Change Install Location... button.
    • This may now ask you for permission to access your files, however this permission is not needed.
  6. Select Install for me only and click Continue.
  7. Click Install to install StreamFX.
  8. Click Close to finish installing.
  9. Done.

Community Maintained Releases

These releases are maintained by one or more members of the community, and are as such offered with no warranty, promise of functionality, or support. Only the official releases will be supported by StreamFX maintainers and volunteer support.

Linux Linux (Flatpak)

  1. Run flatpak install com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.StreamFX in a Terminal.
  2. Done.

Linux Arch Linux

  1. Install obs-streamfx package from AUR via a helper such as yay or pamac.
  2. Done.

Building from Source

If all other options failed, you can always attempt to build the project from source. While this option is much more difficult for beginners, it allows you to mess with many more things. Perhaps it is your entry into a world of wondering why the code doesn't compile despite it looking correct, and parsing cryptic errors and warnings.