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Xenophyte Proxy Solo Miner is usefull for share different part of the current block to other miners.

Netframework 4.6.1 minimum is required or Mono for Linux OS.

In production, we suggest to compile in Release Mode for disable log files.

Compatibility: Windows (Visual Studio), Linux (Mono), Android (with Xamarin or Mono), MacOSX (with Xamarin or Mono)


-You can set a different name to each miners on their setting file for check their status, only the wallet address is important to be use on the proxy side.

  • You can select also the range on your miners side for spread efforts to each miners.

  • The proxy solo miner can reconnect automaticaly to the network.

  • Send confirmation to each miners when one of them found a block.


If the linux binary don't work you can compile the Windows version yourself with the package: mono-complete. Follow this instruction for make your own linux binary:

mkbundle Xenophyte-Proxy-Solo-Miner.exe -o Xenophyte-Proxy-Solo-Miner Xenophyte-Connector-All.dll NCalc.dll Antlr3.Runtime.dll --deps -z --static

Newtonsoft.Json library is used since version for the API HTTP system:


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