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PYNQ_Workshop for v2.3

This repository contains training material for a 1-day hands-on PYNQ workshop.

The material consists of PDF presentations, and Jupyter Notebook lab examples and corresponding lab files.

The workshop consists of an introductory presentation and four hands-on lab sessions. Each lab session has a corresponding presentation.

Prerequisites for running the labs:

  • PYNQ-Z1 or PYNQ-Z2 board
  • PYNQ v2.3 image for the PYNQ-Z1 or PYNQ-Z2 board

To complete all the labs in session 2, you will also need:

  • Grove ADC
  • Grove temperature sensor
  • Grove light sensor
  • Grove LEDbar
  • PmodOLED
  • Pmod Grove adapter


Introduction to PYNQ

Session 1

First steps with PYNQ (presentation)

Getting started with Jupyter notebooks (notebook)

Getting started with iPython (notebook)

Exploring the board (notebook)

Programming onboard peripherals (notebook)

Session 2

Introduction to overlays (presentation)

Grove temperature sensor example (notebook)

Pmod OLED example (notebook)

Grove LEDbar example (notebook)

Grove light sensor example (notebook)

Session 3

Introduction to IOPs (presentation)

Introduction to logictools overlay (presentation)

Wavedrom tutorial (notebook)

Logictools Boolean generator (notebook)

Logictools Boolean generator demo (notebook)

Logictools pattern generator (notebook)

Logictools FSM generator (notebook)

MicroBlaze programming (notebook)

Session 4

PYNQ overlay design methodology (presentation)

PYNQ tutorial on PS GPIO (notebook)

PYNQ tutorial on AXI GPIO (notebook)

PYNQ tutorial on MMIO (notebook)

PYNQ tutorial on Xlnk (notebook)

PYNQ tutorial on Xlnk with PL master (notebook)

PYNQ tutorial DMA example (notebook)

Putting it all together: Resize example (notebook)


Please post any questions about this material on the PYNQ support forum:

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