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Releases: XtendCash/XtendCash

v3.1.0 - "Cuckaroo29s"

15 Sep 03:07
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v3.1.0 - "Cuckaroo29s"

  • Fixed redundant functions that prevented Cuckaroo29s Algo from working.

  • Fixed network beeing stuck due to absurd hashrate difference.

  • Fixed versioning for SN

Update is Mandatory!

You will loose your ServiceNode if not updated!

v3.0.5 - Algo change to Cuckaroo

25 Aug 23:44
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Scheduled a hardfork to change the mining algorithm to Cuckaroo29s
Various speed-up improvements.
Lowered service nodes penalty from 30 to 15 days.

Update is mandatory untill block #105000 - The hardfork block.
Service nodes will not work past this block if not updated.

Updated the release version.

19 Apr 18:14
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This is an emergency fix for the service node uptime proof.


Only if you like to register a service node.