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a simple add on to convert between timecode strings, frames, and seconds
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ofxTimecode is a simple class for converting between frames, seconds, milliseconds, and SMPTE representation (HH:MM:SS:FRAME) for time.

Useful for displaying times as strings, or saving/pulling human readable times from xml

It stores a frame rate internally and is easily combined with ofGetElapsedTimef(), ofGetElapsedMillis(), and ofGetFrameNum() as well as ofxMSATimer.


v. 00 July 22nd 2012

  • first version, fairly untested but functional

  • example-smpte shows very simple use case, and shows how ofGetElapsedTimef() always differs from ofGetFrameNum()

Developed by James George at YCAM InterLab as part of the ofxTimeline project. //

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