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Woo Commerce plugin to integrate Yo Payments into your woo commerce project
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Woo-Commerce YO Payments Plugin

Yo! Payments is a revolutionary mobile payments gateway service. Yo! Payments enables businesses to receive payments from their customers via mobile money, as well as make mobile money payments to any mobile money account holder. Yo! Payments also has the capability to send mobile calling credit (“airtime”) directly to users.

Yo! Payments Woo-Commerce plugin is a wordpress plugin that can be installed to have your wordpress site accept mobile money payments.


To use the API, you must, first of all, have Yo! Payments Business Account. The API is not available for Personal Accounts

  • Yo! Payments API Username
  • Yo! Payments API Password
  • A copy of latest Word Press Content Management System.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the Woo-Commerce plugin into your existing Wordpress CMS

  2. Login into your Word Press admin portal and go to plugin section and click 'Add New' button. Choose to upload the plugin of the Zip File

  3. After installation, Go to “Setting” section of the Woo-Commerce and then click on the Checkout tab. Scroll down to Payment Gateways. You should see Yo! Payments (Mobile Money Gateway) added to the list of these gateways.

  4. Click on Yo! Payments gateway.It will take you to the settings page. Fill in the details in the form. Contact your YO! Payments relationship manager for these details if you haven't obtained them already. Save changes to submit the form.

  5. Congratulations! Your Woo Commerce site is now fully integrated! Try testing it by checking out items. You should view the USSD prompt asking for your mobile money PIN.

Where to Seek Support

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