Fetches user reviews from the Play Store and posts them to Slack
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Star Slacker is a simple util for fetching user reviews from the Play Store and posting these to a Slack channel


  • Google access
    • Google automatically creates a Google Cloud Storage bucket for you, with your reviews. There are two ways in which you can get authorization to download this, explained here. To be able to use and deploy this script, you should create a Service Account, because you will need that JSON file for authentication.
  • Slackbot access
    • Create a bot for your Slack team and make a note of the generated token. More info here


  • Create a secrets.py file, using secrets-sample.py as example
    • This contains the sensitive settings, that you probably want to keep encrypted
  • Create a settings.py file, using settings-sample.py as example
    • This contains the non-sensitive settings, that can be kept in plaintext
    • We recommend that daysInPast >= 2, because reviews don't get placed in the Google Cloud Storage bucket right away (i.e. the most recent reviews you will see are from 2 days ago)
  • Run the script periodically!

How to deploy and run on AWS Lambda

Coming soon!


Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.