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Port of Yahoo!'s Java YUICompressor to .NET
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Project Description

This is a .NET port of the Yahoo! UI Library's YUI Compressor Java project. The objective of this project is to compress any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets to an efficient level that works exactly as the original source, before it was minified.

CI Status via AppVeyor NuGet

Available via NuGet

NuGet Command

Package Name: YUICompressor.NET
CLI: install-package YUICompressor.NET

Main Features

  • Compress and/or Bundle Javascript and/or Cascading StyleSheets.
  • 1 source file -> 1 destination file (that's just compression)
  • Multiple source files -> 1 destination file (compression and bundling)
  • Multiple source files -> multiple destination files (so you're pro at this now?!)
  • Optional MSBuild Tasks.

Previous releases

Prior to release 3.0, this library also consisted of

  • NAnt task
  • MVC4 BundleTransform.

These have all retired and are now available via referencing older commits/tags in the source code.
The most recent Tag taken before these libraries were retired is tag Original-NET40-version.

Referenced Version

Based on YUI Compressor version: 2.4.4 (last checked at 2011-01-17).

How close to the Java Port?

Pretty old. This library hasn't been checked/updated since about early 2011.

Video Tutorials

Using YUI Compressor .NET (Core)


YUI Compressor home page:

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