pyalgotrade tailored for Chinese stock market
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2016-09-03 更新:

  1. 合并所有本地化的模块到/cn文件夹中,方便大家使用和跟原版进行对比。
  2. pyalgotrade本体升级为0.18.
  3. 加入对tick行情结构的支持,见/stratlib/

Pyalgotrade-cn 在原版的基础上加入了A股历史行情回测,并整合了tushare提供实时行情。以便大家对自己的策略进行回测和模拟测试。


  • 引入tushare实时行情
  • stratlib提供了两个经典策略(DT, Bollinger_bandit)



PyAlgoTrade is an event driven algorithmic trading Python library. Although the initial focus was on backtesting, paper trading is now possible using:

and live trading is now possible using:

To get started with PyAlgoTrade take a look at the tutorial and the full documentation.

Main Features

  • Event driven.
  • Supports Market, Limit, Stop and StopLimit orders.
  • Supports any type of time-series data in CSV format like Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, Quandl and NinjaTrader.
  • Xignite realtime feed.
  • Bitcoin trading support through Bitstamp.
  • Technical indicators and filters like SMA, WMA, EMA, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Hurst exponent and others.
  • Performance metrics like Sharpe ratio and drawdown analysis.
  • Handling Twitter events in realtime.
  • Event profiler.
  • TA-Lib integration.


PyAlgoTrade is developed using Python 2.7 and depends on:

You can install PyAlgoTrade using pip like this:

pip install pyalgotrade