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Yammy Network – the smart solution for the smart ones.

Our goal is to create the new reality one can call LEGO of blockchain. Yammy Network is about to introduce the elements of Blockchain 3.0 features for the first time ever. What does it mean? Imagine the compact, easy to read and understand portions of program code which combined may build a Smart Contract or Decentralized Application (dApp) of your choice.

Same way small LEGO bricks creates a building or even a starship without engineering Yammy gives users the opportunity to make their own blockchain applications and contracts even without knowledge of programming.

Moreover, Yammy Network going to create the whole ecosystem of web services and apps based on this principe.

Yammy – the future is here. The future of Yammy Network is based on these essential components:

• Smart contract applications • Masternodes offering • Global marketplace with crypto payments • Global betting and predictions platform • Global streaming platform based on blockchain technology • Decentralized crypto exchange

Yammy ERC20 token (YMM) and Yammy Coin (YMA) are core elements of Yammy Network eco-system. YMM is empowered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine and compatible with all Ethereum infrastructure and service. YMA is fully mineable coin on it’s own blockchain.

Phase One of the Project is to introduce YMM Tokens as an initiation of the project with intention to convert to its own blockchain during Phase Two of the Project development when Yammy Network’s mainnet will be introduced to public and mining of the YMA coin will start. Phase Three is about of practical implementations of Yammy Network’s services.