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Yoe Docker Integration


The Yoe project provides a docker container that has all the dependencies needed to build Yoe. This container is mostly transparent as it simply wraps the bitbake command. Every time you run bitbake, the container is started and all bitbake operations happen in the container. The build files still exist in the host file system so they can be accessed using any of your host tools.

Using this container has the following benefits:

  • you don't have to worry about installing host dependencies
  • you can build on any Linux host distro, even those that are not compatible with Yoe
  • as host distributions are updated, then eventually become incompatible with older versions of OpenEmbedded. Using a container allows you to build old version of Yoe over long product life cycles.

Yoe uses docker by default, but this can be disabled by setting DOCKER_REPO=none in your <project> file. You can also set DOCKER_REPO to a custom container if you need something different.

Any tool (such as devtool) that uses bitbake must also be run in the container. As these tools are not yet wrapped, you must enter the docker container first, and then run the tool. This can be done by running dkr first, which drops you into a container shell.