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FROM continuumio/anaconda3:2019.03
# kaggle
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y build-essential unzip && \
conda update -y conda && conda update -y python && \
pip install --upgrade pip && \
apt-get -y install cmake
RUN apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y apt-utils curl nano
# Kaggle
# Tensorflow doesn't support python 3.7 yet. See
# Fix to install tf 1.10:: Downgrade python 3.7->3.6.6 and downgrade Pandas 0.23.3->0.23.2
RUN conda install -y python=3.6.6
RUN conda upgrade -y notebook
# Kaggle
# The anaconda base image includes outdated versions of these packages. Update them to include the latest version.
RUN pip install --upgrade seaborn python-dateutil dask && \
pip install pyyaml joblib pytagcloud husl geopy ml_metrics mne pyshp
# More upgrades to bring in sync with Kaggle
RUN pip install matplotlib==3.0.3 pandas==0.23.4 scikit-learn==0.21.3 numpy==1.17.0
# main python packages
# RUN pip3 install --upgrade pip
# RUN pip3 install --upgrade numpy scipy matplotlib scikit-learn pandas seaborn plotly jupyter statsmodels
# bug with 5.7.0 jupyter/docker-stacks#721
# RUN pip3 install notebook==5.6.0
RUN pip install --upgrade tqdm pydot pydotplus watermark pillow mlxtend ua-parser user-agents plotly==4.1.0
# Graphviz, visualizing trees
RUN apt-get -y install graphviz
# Make sure the dynamic linker finds the right libstdc++
ENV LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/conda/lib
# kaggle
# beware that vw -V says 8.5.0 - @datamove
RUN cd /usr/local/src && \
git clone -b 8.6.0 && \
./vowpal_wabbit/python/ && \
# Reinstall in non-editable mode (without the -e flag)
pip install vowpal_wabbit/python && \
#above for some reasons do not install in common localtions - @datamove
ln -s /usr/local/src/vowpal_wabbit/python/src/vowpalwabbit/vw /opt/conda/bin/vw
# Gradient boosting frameworks
RUN pip install -U xgboost lightgbm catboost
# PyTorch
# RUN pip3 install
# RUN pip3 install --upgrade torchvision
# TensorFlow
# RUN pip3 install --upgrade tensorflow
# Keras with TensorFlow backend
# RUN pip3 install --upgrade keras
# Facebook Prophet
RUN pip install --upgrade pystan cython
# Kaggle
# Latest version of fbprophet fails with incompatibility with PyStan. From the logs:
# pystan:Something went wrong while unpickling the StanModel. Consider recompiling
# See:
RUN pip install fbprophet==0.4.post2