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Display the fps via LD_PRELOAD on linux games.
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Display the fps via LD_PRELOAD on linux games.

Depends on: -libmymath: -instanced_font_rendering: -SFML: -GLEW: -freetype:

build by: mkdir build cd build cmake .. make

todo before running a game: copy the resources/shaders folders (from the instanced font lib) to /home/[user_name]/.linux_gl_fps/ copy the built .so file to /home/[user_name]/.linux_gl_fps/ (rename the 32 bit to .so.32, 64 to .so.64 just for the sake of knowing which is which)

start games by: LD_PRELOAD=/home/[user_name]/.linux_gl_fps/ ./game_exe

for steam games you need to set up the launch options like this: LD_PRELOAD="/home/[user_name]/.linux_gl_fps/" %command%

you need to build a 64 bit version for 64 bit game exes, 32 bit version for 32 bit game exes.



  • world of goo
  • unity based games
  • chromium-bsu
  • neverball
  • vertigo
  • amnesia
  • red eclipse
  • world-of-padman
  • xonotic
  • cube2 sauerbraten
  • cube2 metalheart
  • cube2 metalheart2 combat squared

doesn't work:

  • metro last light (it seems to use glxswapbuffers, but I fear that it uses it the same way as SDL does)
  • alien-arena (seems to be using xfree86, like what the hell, this is the third buffer swapping lib... srsly )
  • penumbra ep1 (probably libstdc++ version mismatch), mars a ridiculous shooter (probably sfml .so version mismatch)
  • overgrowth (a204)
  • source-engine based games (probably because of cheat protection, they seem to be linking to stuff statically, except c / c++)


  • stuntrally (the menu works, but in the game the fps is in the car window reflection, which is cool but not what I wanted :D )
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