This is the OpenWrt OpenMPTCProuter feed containing all modified and necessary packages to build the OpenMPTCProuter image.
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glorytun Increase timeout for glorytun, decrease txqueuelen for interfaces Sep 27, 2018
ipcalc Support IPv6 for MPTCP Oct 26, 2018
luci-app-glorytun Small changes Sep 13, 2018
luci-app-haproxy-tcp Add some french translations Mar 5, 2018
luci-app-iperf Fix iperf UDP test Nov 13, 2018
luci-app-mail Add service triggers to mail init Nov 15, 2018
luci-app-mlvpn Add some french translation Jun 8, 2018
luci-app-mptcp Fix Ysurac/openmptcprouter#174 (at least fix the error in log) Sep 19, 2018
luci-app-nginx-ha Nginx-HA change, even if it's not working yet... Jun 27, 2018
luci-app-omr-bypass Bypass by IP source Nov 15, 2018
luci-app-omr-quota Change title to Monthly quota Nov 8, 2018
luci-app-omr-tracker Add link to mail settings on omr-tracker Nov 15, 2018
luci-app-openmptcprouter Update openmptcprouter interface french translation Nov 12, 2018
luci-app-shadowsocks-libev Update shadowsocks-libev interface Aug 1, 2018
luci-app-snmpd Fix community to value instead of listvalue Nov 10, 2018
luci-base Fix password field in some cases Aug 2, 2018
luci-mod-admin-full Little cosmetics changes Nov 12, 2018
luci-proto-ipv6 Fix for packages updates and versions updates May 23, 2018
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luci Update Apr 24, 2018
mlvpn Little cosmetics changes Nov 12, 2018
mptcp Fix typo Nov 9, 2018
msmtp Fix msmtp package Nov 8, 2018
ndisc6 Add IPv6 check and fixes May 18, 2018
ndpi-netfilter2 whatsapps checks of nDPI make kernel crash, disable it for now Oct 22, 2018
nginx Fix Nginx for RPI Jul 25, 2018
omr-6in4 No error when tunnel interface not here Aug 21, 2018
omr-quota Little cosmetics changes Nov 12, 2018
omr-tracker Write all tests done for shadowsocks tracker in down message Nov 12, 2018
omr-update OMR-Update changes Nov 5, 2018
open-vm-tools Fix open-vm-tools Aug 11, 2018
openmptcprouter-full Add luci-app-snmpd by default Nov 9, 2018
openmptcprouter Little cosmetics changes Nov 12, 2018
shadowsocks-libev Only put shadowsocks-libev rules when IPv6 enabled Nov 15, 2018
simple-obfs Update simple-obfs Sep 13, 2018
speedtestc Update and fix SpeedtestC Jul 18, 2018
tracebox Change source URL for tracebox Aug 13, 2018
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OpenWrt OpenMPTCProuter feed

This is the OpenWrt OpenMPTCProuter feed containing all modified and necessary packages to build the OpenMPTCProuter image.

For More information, see and



Description: A small, simple and secure VPN

A LuCI interface was made to make it easier to use. It's used in OpenMPTCProuter to redirect ports from the VPS to the router and for UDP/ICMP traffic from the router.



Description: A secure socks5 proxy

MPTCP support is added in LuCI interface and init scripts. IPv6 support added.



Description: A simple obfuscating tool, designed as plugin server of shadowsocks.

Support is added in ShadowSocks LuCI interface and init scripts.



Description: Client for infrastructure written in pure C99 standard using only POSIX libraries.

Used to test speed. No LuCI interface.



Description: nginx is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP proxy server.

A LuCI interface for TCP/UDP stream is added. Used for TCP/UDP failover.



Description: Luci support for DHCPv6/6in4/6to4/6rd/DS-Lite/aiccu

Added support to gateway set by user for 6in4. Used for IPv6 over the glorytun IPv4 VPN.



Description: Luci interface to bypass domains, IPs and networks with shadowsocks

Domains, IPs, networks and protocol (using DPI) added are bypassed when shadowsocks is used. This can be used when VPS IP is blacklisted from some sites.



Description: Track connection status. This check if gateway is up then check if the connection work. If it's not working this execute scripts. This also detect if ShadowSocks is up or not.

This is used for OpenMPTCProuter failover.



Description: Luci interface to omr-tracker

Interface to omr-tracker.



Description: Luci interface to iPerf



Description: Set tunnel configuration by tracking tunnel configuration.



Description: Update old config with new settings.



Description: Luci interface for all MPTCP settings



Description: Wizard for OpenMPTCProuter settings and status page



Description: This package set all MPTCP settings



Description: An ICMPv6 neighbour discovery tool

This is used to check if there is no other IPv6 route announced on the network



Description: Multi-link VPN

This is an other way to aggregate same latency connections



Description: Open Source Deep Packet Inspection Software Toolkit

This is used to bypass a protocol



Description: A middlebox detection tool