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OpenMPTCProuter VPS scripts

All scripts needed to install OpenMPTCProuter VPS.

This is the VPS part of OpenMPTCProuter, a solution to aggregate multiple internet connections.

  • The main script install ShadowSocks, Glorytun TCP, Glorytun UDP, Shorewall, the MPTCP kernel and can install OpenVPN
  • Script to install MLVPN
  • config.json: shadowsocks config
  • /shorewall4: shorewall default configuration
  • /shorewall6: shorewall6 default configuration
  • glorytun-tcp-run: script to run glorytun with configuration parameters
  • glorytun systemd service
  • glorytun systemd network (for DHCP)
  • glorytun-udp-run: script to run glorytun UDP with configuration parameters
  • glorytun UDP systemd network (for DHCP)
  • glorytun UDP systemd service
  • MLVPN systemd network (for DHCP)
  • mlvpn0.conf: MLVPN default config
  • omr-6in4-service: Script used to make 6in4 tunnel always up and detect ip used by OpenMPTCProuter to config Shorewall
  • Systemd service to run the script
  • openvpn-tun0.cnf: OpenVPN default config
  • OpenVPN systemd network (for DHCP)
  • shadowsocks.conf: shadowsocks sysctl.d optimization and mptcp config
  • tun0.glorytun: glorytun default configuration
  • tun0.glorytun-udp: glorytun default configuration
  • Script used to check if MPTCP kernel is the default
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