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With Yumpu.com API you can create effective tools to publish your pdf documents on your website, tablet or mobile application. Find out how to get started, publish your first pdf as flip book on the web or use the search api to display content.


What is REST API? To make it simple, REST API defines a set of functions to which the developers can perform requests and receive responses. The interaction is performed via the HTTP protocol. An advantage of such an approach is the wide usage of HTTP. That is why REST API can be used practically for any programming language.

Common characteristics of Yumpu REST API resources are as follows:

  1. You access the resource by sending an HTTP request to the API server. The server replies with a response that contains either the data you requested, or the status indicator, or even both.
  2. All resources are located at http://api.yumpu.com/2.0.
  3. All resources may return different HTTP status codes (e.g., HTTP Status Code 200 for success response or HTTP Status Code 400 for the bad request).
  4. You request a particular resource by adding a particular path to the base URL that specifies the resource.

Get started

http://developers.yumpu.com/ http://developers.yumpu.com/api/getting-started/


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