A modern, convivial and free music server on YunoHost
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A modern, convivial and free music server on YunoHost

Install Funkwhale with YunoHost

Installation requires a dedicated domain for now. I hope subpath installation will be possible in the future.

Shipped version: 0.17.0 (this is an Alpha version!)


The admin uses the login you provided at installation. The password is the same you use for YunoHost.

The admin interface is accessible with the address: your.domain.fr/api/admin

State of this package

  • works fine:

    • install/remove/backup/remove/upgrade with x86_64
    • import file with web interface, imports from youtube, interraction with MusicBrainz
    • Subsonic API
    • Federation tests
    • CLI Import Remember to source $final_path/venv/bin/activate, then source $final_path/load_env before typinh using manage.py.
    • ARM support
  • end-user configuration required:

    • LDAP integration
  • to be added: