This Yunohost App take an existing gogs repository and serve it with nginx
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Gogs web hosting for YunoHost

This YunoHost App take an existing Gogs repository with a static site and serve it with nginx. At each commit the site will be updated by a git hook.

Gogs is a self-hosted Git service written in Go. Alternative to Github.


  • A functional instance of YunoHost
  • Gogs package must be installed
  • The repository that you want to serve must exist in Gogs


From the command-line:

sudo yunohost app install -l MySite


From the command-line:

sudo yunohost app upgrade -u gogswebhost


  • YunoHost forum thread
  • The post-receive hook of your Gogs repository will be overwritten at install and at each upgrade.
  • You can't use the app to host 2 time the same repository (because of the previous point).
  • There is no check that the branch and the directory you wish to serve exist in your repo, you must ensure that they exist before installing the app.
  • Your site must have an index.html.
  • If your site contain absolute links (like href=""/asset/something.js") this will only work on a domain root.


This package is published under the MIT License.