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Mattermost for YunoHost

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Install Mattermost with YunoHost

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This package allows you to install Mattermost quickly and simply on a YunoHost server.
If you don't have YunoHost, please consult the guide to learn how to install it.


Mattermost Team Edition

A free-to-use, open source, self-hosted alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging. Team Edition is your open source “virtual office”, offering all the core productivity benefits of competing SaaS solutions. It deploys as a single Linux binary with PosgreSQL under an MIT license.

Mattermost Enterprise Edition

To explore the benefits of Mattermost’s enterprise features, you can replace the Mattermost Team Edition binary with a Mattermost Enterprise Edition binary. This version supports upgrading to Mattermost Enterprise Edition E10 or E20.

YunoHost specific features

This package can install the Entreprise Edition or the Team Edition.

Mattermost Mobile and Desktop Apps are available here

Features include:

  • One-to-one and group messaging, file sharing, and unlimited search history
  • Threaded messaging, emoji, and custom emoji
  • Tools for custom branding
  • Continuous archiving
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Highly customizable third-party bots, integrations, and command line tools
  • Extensive integration support via webhooks, APIs, drivers, and third-party extensions
  • Easily scalable to dozens of users per team
  • Runtime profiling data and system monitoring reports

Shipped version: 9.8.1~ynh1


Screenshot of Mattermost

Documentation and resources

Developer info

Please send your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that:

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade mattermost -u --debug

More info regarding app packaging: