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Plume for Yunohost

Integration level

Install plume with YunoHost
Warning: The package can take 15 to 30 minutes to complete depending on your system configuration. Don't intrupt the installation process while installing.



Federated blogging engine, based on ActivityPub. It uses the Rocket framework, and Diesel to interact with the database.

Important points to read before installing the app

  1. Plume is still in pre-release stage and undergoing heavy development, so there can be bugs.
  2. Plume require a dedicated root domain, eg. plume.domain.tld
  3. Plume require a valid certificate installed on the domain. Yunohost can install Letsencrypt certificate on the domain from admin web-interface or through command-line.
  4. This package is multi-instance that means you can run multiple Plume instances on a single server.
  5. There is No LDAP support for Plume yet.
  6. Admin username and password will be sent to the email address of the admin.