Sickbeard package for Yunohost (install from fork)
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[ Sickbeard Integration for Yunohost ]
This install script uses a Git-fork as sources for a local installation.
Otherwise the script sets a reverse-proxy to a remote instance.

How to install:

  • Use Install software option from Yunohost admin panel
  • Find textbox tagged as Install custom App from github
  • Copy and paste:
  • Choose the method installation: local or remote (as described above)
  • Answer the required questions to the selected method

More information about:

Special Thanks to the Yunohost Community:

anaqreon, aymhce, beudbeud, Chao-Man, chtixof, CotzaDev, courgette, Jérôme, JocelynD, Ju, Le Kload, lunarok, maniackcrudelis, Matlink, Moul, polytan02, scith, tifred, ... 💫