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ZeroNet package for YunoHost

Integration level
Install ZeroNet with YunoHost


  • This app can only be installed on root path, i.e. you will need to use a dedicated domain name, e.g.zeronet.domain.tld.
  • The app is installed in private mode only so unauthenticated users can not temper with your content.
  • If you want to be a proper ZeroNet peer (serving your and other's content) you will want to open TCP port 15441 in your firewall and make sure requests to this port reach your instance do i need to have a port opened
  • Alternatively you can setup Tor which has to be done manually how to use zeronet with Tor

Multiple Instances

  • Installing multiple instances of the app is experimental. Internally each instance it will use a unique port for both for ZeroNet UserInterface and FileServer. However, the tracker will see all instances as one peer, as they all use one and the same external IP address.
  • A solution that hasn't been confirmed yet is to use Tor instead. Each instance should then have a unique external address.


  • Use at your own risk :-)