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The TGIF-QA dataset contains 165K QA pairs for the animated GIFs from the TGIF dataset [Li et al. CVPR 2016]. The question & answer pairs are collected via crowdsourcing with a carefully designed user interface to ensure quality. The dataset can be used to evaluate video-based Visual Question Answering techniques.

In this page, you can find the code and the dataset for our IJCV journal article.

  • Yunseok Jang, Yale Song, Chris Dongjoo Kim, Youngjae Yu, Youngjin Kim and Gunhee Kim. Video Question Answering with Spatio-Temporal Reasoning. IJCV, 2019. [Journal Link]

Please check this tag if you are interested in our CVPR 2017 setting.

The code and the dataset are free to use for academic purposes only. If you use any of the material in this repository as part of your work, we ask you to cite:

    author    = {Yunseok Jang and Yale Song and Chris Dongjoo Kim and Youngjae Yu and Youngjin Kim and Gunhee Kim},
    title     = {{Video Question Answering with Spatio-Temporal Reasoning}}
    journal   = {IJCV},
    year      = {2019}

Note: Since our CVPR 2017 paper, we extended our dataset by collecting more question and answer pairs (the total count has increased from 104K to 165K) and re-ran experiments with the new dataset. The journal article and the arXiv paper is the most update one.

Have any question? Please contact:

Yunseok Jang (, Chris Dongjoo Kim (, and Yale Song (

Q&A Types and Examples

Q&A Type Repetition Count Repeating Action State Transition Frame QA
Visual Input (GIF)
Question How many times does the cat lick? What does the cat do 3 times? What does the model do after lower coat? What is the color of the bulldog?
Answer 7 times Put head down Pivot around Brown

# Q&A Pairs

Task Train Test Total
Repetition Count 26,843 3,554 30,397
Repeating Action 20,475 2,274 22,749
State Transition 52,704 6,232 58,936
Frame QA 39,392 13,691 53,083
Total 139,414 25,751 165,165

Quantitative Results

Model Repetition Count (L2 loss) Repeating Action (Accuracy) State Transition (Accuracy) Frame QA (Accuracy)
Random Chance 19.62 20.00 20.00 0.06
Most Frequent words 7.78 31.40 30.05 17.49
VIS+LSTM (aggr) [NIPS 2015] 5.09 46.84 56.85 34.59
VIS+LSTM (avg) [NIPS 2015] 4.81 48.77 34.82 34.97
VQA-MCB (aggr) [EMNLP 2016] 5.17 58.85 24.27 25.70
VQA-MCB (avg) [EMNLP 2016] 5.54 29.13 32.96 15.49
CT-SAN [CVPR 2017] 5.14 56.14 63.95 39.64
Co-Memory [CVPR 2018] 4.10 68.20 74.30 51.50
ST-VQA (Ours) 4.22 73.48 79.72 51.96

Qualitative Results

Spatial Attention

Temporal Attention

The red dotted boxes over heatmaps indicate segments in a video that include the ground-truth answers.

Attentions Visualized in Time

The yellow bar indicates the strength of temporal attention at the visualized time.

Q&A Type Repetition Count Repeating Action State Transition Frame QA
Lively Visual (GIF)
Question How many times does the man shave chest ? What does the boy do 3 times ? What does the man do before kiss toy ? What are the group of boys singing , dancing , and playing ?
Answer 2 times Wave hands Pet toy Instruments
Lively Visual (GIF)
Question How many times does the man flip circle ? What does the behind do 3 times ? What does the woman do after raise leg ? What is the color of the shirt ?
Answer 2 times Shake butt Kick a mug White


Last Edit: May 22, 2020